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Why Shop Resale?
 Shopping at your local Connecting Times Resale store has numerous benefits for Cincinnatians and their neighbors.
walletThe most obvious benefit to shopping retail in todays economy is price. Buying used or wholesale items saves shoppers a lot of money vs. buying retail. For example, you might be at the mall looking to spruce up your wardrobe with a pair of Levi's until you see the whopping $50 price tag. Connecting Times carries a large selection of name brand clothing (some still have the original tags on them) for a fraction of the price you'd pay retail. However, it doesn't stop at just name brand clothing. Connecting Times offers a huge variety of name brand items in several shopping categories. Just to name a few examples: Samsung, Sony, Pioneer, GE, Levi Strauss, ONKYO, Nike, Adidas, PYREX, Ethan Allen, Bassett Furniture, The HON Company, JVC, Reebok, Peavey, Harman-Kardon, and much more.

Time & Money & QualityConnecting Times Resale offers their customers quality used and sometimes new items in a safe, clean, relaxing atmosphere. There is no need to meet strangers on the internet or get into bidding wars online. The average shopper might spend hours scouring eBay, Craigslist, picking at estate/yardsales and various thrift stores around the city just to find that quality or one of kind item they were looking for. At CTR, we have already filtered and picked through countless sources to offer an eclectic mix of quality items for our showroom floor. We also encourage our customers to test, photo, and measure our items before purchasing them to ensure they are 100% satisfied with their items. You can always plugin and test out the cd players, turn tables, stereos and speakers in our electronics section as well.

RecycleReduce Reuse Resale
When a perfectly functioning item becomes outdated, outgrown or is simply not being used by the owner it can often be discarded or sent to storage. This often leads to money wasted on storage spaces, items being damaged by pests or nature, or if they end up in the trash- over burdening of our landfills. Resale helps combat this by diverting furniture, clothing, etc from landfills and recycling them back into a family that could give them years of use.

Connecting Times Resale is a hub for customers to recycle their quality used items. Our neighbors can bring in their gently used items to donate or sell for cash or store credit: Of course the items we buy and sell have to meet a certain quality standard. Purchasing of items will depend upon several factors such as: how much space we have available, our faith in the ability of reselling of said items etc. We currently do not offer consignment.